Theme Assets

The getAssetUrl($filename) function is a convenient method of getting urls for files that exist in your theme’s assets folder.

Grabbing File URLs

You can use this helper to pass absolute paths to your handlebars template. Assume that we have some images and documents in our theme code (assets/main-logo.png, assets/documents/tandc.pdf, etc...):

echo site()->render("partials/sidebar", [
"main-logo" => site()->getAssetURL("main-logo.png"),
"main-logo-alt" => "Lorem ipsum",
"terms-pdf" => site()->getAssetURL("documents/tandc.pdf"),
<img src="{{ main-logo }}" alt="{{ main-logo-alt }}" />
<p>Download our <a href="{{ terms-pdf }}">Terms and Conditions</a></p>

See more about the getAssetURL function here.